• superjjJan Janßen

    From his start in Hearthstone to his new adventure in Gwent, superjj has always been a completely dedicated streamer and player. His drive to perfection is rivaled by very few in the scene, the pursuit to become the best possible version of himself. After several titles in Hearthstone, he left behind the fantasy world of Warcraft and entered the realm of Witcher - come and learn on his stream almost daily.

  • mryagutTugay Evsan

    Known for over two years Tugay “Mryagut” Evsan has established himself as a supreme strategist and solid streamer in the Hearthstone community. He first made his mark as an innovative competitor at the European Championships 2014, and now he is ready to conquer the whole Hearthstone scene. Well versed in Chess and Poker, he has his eyes set on Hearthstone as the next frontier to reach the highest level.

  • SylvanhunterGrace Naces

    As a former Magic: The Gathering player turned Hearthstone professional, Sylvanhunter developed a love for card games very early. With her experience in MtG and now Hearthstone, she is confident enough in her judgement, to not just go with the conventional wisdom of decks, but rather look for solutions outside the box. Since closed beta she is a part of the community, writing guides, articles and columns about the game and her unique ways to solve certain problems. The Hunter Princess most recently has turned into an Open Warrior Queen, grinding hard to get to the top!

  • petrifyMark Fittipaldi

    Petrify is a jack of all trades in the esports scene. Since the age of 8, Mark was into video games, playing a wide array of titles. Later that passion became an opportunity to compete with the best in the world, first in Starcraft 2, then in CSGO and now in Gwent. As one of the top-rated players and a large streamer of the community, Petrify is looking to make a name for himself in an emerging scene.

  • freddybabesFrederick Bird

    Starting with League of Legends, CSGO and Hearthstone, Freddy quickly found his competitive home in the great wide world of the Witcher lore - in Gwent. The young Brit has been a gold standard of the scene ever since the game became big, having three tournament wins already on his record. From Gwent Slam to Gwent Challenger, Freddy has won everything there is to win in Gwent so far. The hobby chess player is meticulous in his preparation, loves himself some Consume Monsters, but also can relax in the world of Gwent when his stream is on and the pressure is off.