Call of Duty

Call of Duty
  • dashyBrandon Otell

    Brandon 'Dashy' Otell is one of the youngest members in the professional Call of Duty circuit. His age restricted him from participating in CWL events until late 2017, but he quickly made a splash on the scene. His SnD slaying prowess and skill with an AR make him a threat in all game-modes, and he is looking to prove he's ready to play at the highest levels with the #coLofDuty team.

  • censorDoug Martin

    One of the biggest stars in the CoD scene, chasing his destiny - chasing a ring. A veteran in the scene, Censor has made his mark as a content creator, but that one defining mark as a player is still eluding him. Tasting early success in 2011 as the MLG National Champion, he’s been chasing the World Championship for a while. A fourth place finish in 2014 is the closest he got, but the passion and fire inside him won’t extinct until he hoists that big trophy.

  • RickyRick Stacy

    Richard "Ricky" Stacy has been playing video games since the early days of the Xbox 360. He first started gaming competitively with Halo 3 and Call of Duty. Prior to joining OpTic Nation, Ricky has been part of several other organizations such as UNiTE, Curse LV, eLevate and Strictly Business. In April 2014, Ricky joined OpTic Gaming's sister team, OpTic Nation. Under the sister team, A compLexity Gaming alumni from the Black Ops 3 days makes his return! Ricky has been around the console for years. Starting out as a competitive Halo player, he quickly transitioned to the Call of Duty franchise and hasn’t looked back since. For over 5 years he’s a fixture in CoD competitions, although the ultimate win on the big stage hasn’t come yet. A fourth place in 2015 and a 5th-6th placement in 2016 got him close to the World Championship - a goal that is on the mind of the veteran.

  • blaztRasim Ogresevic

    Blaztful is the young and hungry new player on the block. Completing his first year on the competitive circuit, he already made his mark on the competition with several good placements. Especially performances at CWL Northern Arena Showdown and most recently in Birmingham have earned him respect in the scene, as he is poised to make an even bigger splash with Worlds on the horizon.

  • studyyJeremy Astacio