Dota 2

Dota 2
  • swindlemelonzzKyle Freedman

    As one of the original HoN competitors swindle was often on the outskirts of success, but over the last two years he has made his mark on eSports. The outspoken, cocky drafter and captain of the stayGreen championship team might be controversial, but he also has a resume to back up his talk. During his HoN tenure he was awarded accolades ranging from Best Drafter to Most Valuable Captain, and the highly coveted 2013 Most Valuable Player award. He now looks to translate his success to the competitive DOTA 2 world, where he hopes to carry his team to victory.

  • ZfreekZakari Freedman

    Perhaps one of the best players in HoN history, ZfreeK has made a career in the shadows of other big names. As a jungle player and support his actions would be expected to remain in the background, yet Zfreek’s skills showed off a new potential in his positions. With stellar play on multiple teams and in multiple roles ZfreeK has earned himself a spot in the elite player group. His consistency and dedication to learning a game inside and out are what make him a force on the field, while his sarcastic nature and quick wit are what make him a fan favorite.

  • mooDavid Hull

    David ‘Moo’ Hull is a veteran American player hailing from Ohio, USA. His rise to prominence included an impressive Shanghai Major online qualifier with Team Archon, which led to being picked up by the rag tag group that would go on to become TI6 Digital Chaos. There Moo excelled in the offlane, making big plays and drawing chants of “Mooooo” from the crowd. He helped lead the team to an impressive second place finish at TI6, and now calls coL.Dota his home. His aggressive style of offlane can adapt to any situation, so surely his skills will be put to good use in the black and red.