• HogmanMichael Hogman

    From the World of Warcraft arena to the battlegrounds of Fortnite - Michael Hogman is a jack of all trades within the gaming space. Coming from a family background that includes a father, who was a former Quake professional, to a girlfriend heavily involved in World of Warcraft and Fortnite - Hogman is esports through and through. Player, manager, social media director, he has worn many hats over the years. Now as the captain of compLexity Fortnite, he looks to shape the future of Fortnite as an esport and grow our team into the best in the world.

  • xilJulian Miller

    Julian "xil" Miller is an up and coming Fortnite talent. Based in Ontario, he was added to the compLexity Fortnite roster after showing considerable skill and teamwork when competing alongside compLexity Fortnite captain, Michael Hogman.

  • mackwoodMack Aesoph

    The prodigy from Nebraska started playing games at 4 years old with his first experience in gaming on the original XBOX console. Since then, he’s been honing his skills on console and PC. Once he discovered Fortnite via watching Twitch streams, he was off to the races. After spending hours upon hours grinding both Fortnite and school, he doesn’t forget that there is a life outside. His free time is spent wakeboarding as often as his schedule allows.

  • PunisherVincent Valtancoli

    Vincent "Punisher" Valtancoli is an exciting and fun-to-watch Fortnite talent. Based in Fresno, CA, compLexity scouted Vincent after his big win in Ninja Vegas '18 looking to add the young gunner to the compLexity Fortnite roster. Whether you're looking to see A+ skills or just to laugh in a hilarious Fortnite stream, Punisher's your guy.

  • lanjokAdrian Roberts

    Despite his young age, Adrian “Lanjok” Roberts is one of the most experienced players in competitive Fortnite. Boasting strong results in tournaments like Summer Skirmish at PAX West, Lanjok is skilled as both a solo and duo player. With his Complexity partner, Punisher, the duo have been dominant in various events, including the recent Share the Love event. Be on the lookout for Lanjok’s lightning quick aim and aggressive play style.