• HogmanMichael Hogman

    From the World of Warcraft arena to the battlegrounds of Fortnite - Michael Hogman is a jack of all trades within the gaming space. Coming from a family background that includes a father, who was a former Quake professional, to a girlfriend heavily involved in World of Warcraft and Fortnite - Hogman is esports through and through. Player, manager, social media director, he has worn many hats over the years. Now as the captain of compLexity Fortnite, he looks to shape the future of Fortnite as an esport and grow our team into the best in the world.

  • SkulleyCody Toney

    Hailing from North Carolina, Skulley’s first experience with video games was Call of Duty: Black Ops in 2010. Before then the 19 year old growing up on a farm was occupied with either riding his bike or a good old Ford Mustang he calls his own. Nowadays though, everything is dedicated to Fortnite and becoming the best player he can possibly be. Putting his academic pursuit in Graphics Design on hold to give this a chance - the dream of becoming a professional gamer. On his way to that goal, Skulley isn’t shying away from hard work, as he put himself through two different jobs just to be able to get a streaming career. All in the name of chasing the ultimate goal.

  • PipKippyMartin Robak

    The youngest of the Fortnite squad, PipKippy from Ontario, Canada is a raw talent ready to explode onto the scene. Since the age of 4, Pip is playing video games, growing up with older brothers, always in a competitive environment. Before Fortnite he honed his FPS skills in Halo and Counter-Strike, as well as being a League of Legends player. Across those three games he has thousands of hours. Now it’s his time to shine in Fortnite. As one of the best players in Canada, he is ready to make his mark, go to LAN with compLexity Gaming and dominate there - that’s his ultimate goal.

  • pupperSheldon Doreleyers

    Some people enjoy the games they compete at, some love them. For pupper it’s the latter, as he can play hours upon hours of Fortnite without any sort of fatigue setting in. The Canadian from Ontario is used to pressure and long hours, as he is on his way to a second College degree - adding a Bachelor in Engineering to his already claimed Bachelor of Science. Aside from excelling in his academics, he also used to be competitive in Alliance of Valiant Arms - a rather unknown FPS that gave the likes of Skadoodle his competitive start too. The support player is the glue of the team and makes everyone around him better with his positive and outgoing personality!