• craneSimon Raunholst

    A Trinity Series champion with a reputation for always being one step away. Crane has been a fixture in the upper echelon of Hearthstone for a while, but the big chance to raise the trophy has eluded him thus far. As a consistent point earner and preferred practice partner, his ideas and opinions set the agenda of the community - blunt and honest.

  • TheJordudeJordan Hong Tai

    Coming into the organization as an unknown gem, Jordan has showcased his talent in many ways. Whether it was in the NA Prelims or most recently on the WESG stage - Jordan’s been grinding his way through the scene with the talented Vancouver practice group, and the hard work has paid off. Being a proud Canadian representative in the most recent HGG games, going to China for the Maple Leaf.

  • SottleSimon Welch

    The voice of Hearthstone and a long-time member of compLexity Gaming, when Sottle first joined us, his playing days were still active and his casting career had just started. Nowadays, he is present at all major Hearthstone events as a caster. Yet, he still cheers for his compLexity members and is an active part in discussing the Hearthstone scene with his fellow team members.

  • casieKevin Eberlein

    Cheerful, yet laser-focused on Hearthstone. Casie is an always positive member of the Hearthstone scene, continuously trying to help each and everyone out. The past season he posted his best competitive year ever, making the Top 16, Top 8 and even the Semifinals at multiple HCT Tour stops. All that, and the runner-up at SeatStory Cup made the 2018 season a Casie year - something he looks to build upon in 2019.

  • tylerootdTyler Hoang Nguyen

    From fashion photographer to the World Championships, Tyler is the embodiment of setting your eyes on a target and working towards that goal. Two years ago he set out to consistently be on ladder and in tournaments, to make it to Worlds - this year he accomplished that as the highest ranked player in the APAC region. He will travel to the World Championships with another goal in mind - the big trophy.

  • theoTheo Lieftink

    From the Netherlands with knowledge. Theo first made his name as a competitive Hearthstone player in the scene. Countless tournaments later, including his fair share of HCT Tour Stops, he grew his stream presence as well as his competitive pedigree. The big breakthrough hasn’t occurred yet with a bunch of unlucky bounces in HCT Tour stops on 6 wins - one away. On the streaming side though, the breakthrough is even closer: steady growth, educational environment, relaxed atmosphere. With that recipe, Theo continues to gather a wider and wider audience.