• craneSimon Raunholst

    Danish player Crane is one of the most interesting players in Hearthstone. As a fixture in the upper echelon of pros from the beginning, the tournament grinder worked hard for his success each step of the way. Through tournaments, exceptional ladder play and qualifiers to bigger tournament he cemented his spot in the community bit by bit. Now he is ready to take the next turn head on and achieve glory in Hearthstone as a part of compLexity Gaming. His versatile playstyle, mature approach to the game, brilliant mind and work ethic make him one of the most dangerous players in Hearthstone.

  • TheJordudeJordan Hong Tai

    TheJordude is one of the unknown gems of the Hearthstone scene. The Canadian player might not be a known entity to anyone outside of the insider circle in the game, but he has a large upside. With success in smaller events such as the ESL Weeklies or Zotac Cups, the young student has already made quite an impression - while also making an entry to the highest ranks of the North American ladder. With a more focused approach on the ladder, his streaming efforts and content creation, TheJordude is looking to make an even bigger splash in the Hearthstone competitive scene, as well as the Hearthstone community. Keep an eye open for the hard-working and motivated player.

  • SottleSimon Welch

    Sottle is no stranger to the competitive environment. The compLexity Hearthstone player comes from an unorthodox background of being a Yoyo Champion in Great Britain, as well as virtually beating people up as a competitive fighting game player. Nerve-damage in his hand forced him to exchange the button mashing for the virtual card game Hearthstone. As a pro player he made his mark in the scene, as a caster he is a rising force, now the next step for him is to build up his name as a personality in the scene as well. Follow the Brit cast tournaments, play games, interact with his stream and have fun in Arena, the ladder or just Q&A sessions - Sottle is always the perfect mix between entertainment and education.

  • casieKevin Eberlein

    Casie emerged on the Hearthstone scene during the European Spring Championships in Los Angeles. The semifinal placement brought him a lot of respect from the community and his peers, making him a coveted practice partner and creative mind for decks and theory. Look out for him representing coL in the biggest Hearthstone tournaments of this scene.

  • tylerootdTyler Hoang Nguyen

    A fashion photographer turned Hearthstone streamer. A breakdancer turned cardslinger. Streamer Tyler, came from fashion to Hearthstone to make a name for himself. With relentless work ethic and the drive to make a life as a streamer a reality, he’s been putting in the work and is now reaping the rewards. A relaxed atmosphere, high-level gameplay and good commentary on plays is what you can expect in his chat on any given day. Enter for a relaxing time with good music, a calm player and good Hearthstone - Tyler has you covered.

  • theoTheo Lieftink

    From the Netherlands with knowledge. Theo first made his name as a competitive Hearthstone player in the scene. Countless tournaments later, including his fair share of HCT Tour Stops, he grew his stream presence as well as his competitive pedigree. The big breakthrough hasn’t occurred yet with a bunch of unlucky bounces in HCT Tour stops on 6 wins - one away. On the streaming side though, the breakthrough is even closer: steady growth, educational environment, relaxed atmosphere. With that recipe, Theo continues to gather a wider and wider audience.