Magic the Gathering: Arena

Magic the Gathering: Arena
  • AmazonianAmy D

    A streaming veteran with a healthy obsession for turkey, tea, coffee and obviously Magic: The Gathering. As a trained mechanical engineer she brings the logical problem-solving skills and applies them to her card game craft. When not streaming, you can find her at conventions in the greater Boston area, watching TV shows or movies, randomly doing push-ups or hanging out with her two cats - Scraps McGee and Cat Detective.

  • AliasVEilidh Lonie

    From South Africa over Canada straight to you! Eilidh Lonie became familiar with the expanding genre of Digital Card Games in 2017 with Gwent, which also propelled her to invest more time in streaming. Nowadays you can find her more in the world of Magic: The Gathering - both on the computer and the paper version. Her big goals are to become a successful full-time streamer, as well as the participation in Grand Prix events in Magic - limited and standard alike.

  • merchantConnagh Hawkins

    A calm atmosphere with bit of anger here, a bit of frustration there, mixed with an awesome deep voice and a good understanding of Gwent and other card games - those are basically the ingredients that make Merchant’s stream memorable. Pursuing his dream of becoming a full-time streamer, Merchant is dedicated to bringing you the best content and finest entertainment on Twitch and Youtube. Sit back and enjoy the show.

  • NoxiousKacem Khilaji

    Noxious is one of the more veteran Hearthstone streamers in the scene, giving entertainment to the masses since closed beta. The avid Blizzard fan made his name as a founding member of Managrind, the inventor of the Randuin Wrynn deck and the leader of the AMENO movement, earning him the fan favorite status. Opposed to other streamers, Noxious has always remained more of a “fun first” player, who isn’t necessarily aiming for the highest legend rank or a 12-0 streak in Arena. In his mind, a perfect day at the Inn is with an unconventional deck, catching people off guard, and triggering interesting board situations. All in all, it’s a joy ride for everyone.