• 1Jason Lake

    Jason '1' Lake, considered one of the founding fathers of professional gaming in North America, is an attorney with an extensive experience in marketing, team leadership, website management and consulting. Jason is the Chief Executive Officer of compLexity, which he founded in 2003, primarily as a Counter-Strike team. It's been many years and many different gaming divisions since the founding of compLexity, but you will always see Jason donning his white shirt and red tie at events and tournaments.

  • AnomolyJason Bass

    Jason 'Anomoly' Bass has been one of most influential business minds in professional gaming for well over a decade now. Jason started at GotFrag where he was Vice President of Operations until the sale of the company to Major League Gaming. In 2007, he moved to the DirecTV-owned Championship Gaming Series where he would serve as the Director of Marketing before deciding to leave a year later. He then worked for CEVO in their marketing department shortly before accepting Jason Lake's offer to become co-owner of compLexity Gaming in 2008. He currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for compLexity.

  • aMiesAndrew Miesner

    Andrew 'aMies' Miesner has been in the professional gaming community for as long as it has been in existence. Originally, he was a prominent member of the compLexity community, participating in forum chat and events. Eventually, he applied for, and received, a job with compLexity. Andrew performed manual statistic gathering for the Counter-Strike: Source team during CGS, providing for interesting pre-game and post-game reports. He continued to progress through the ranks of the organization, becoming a news writer and coverage expert before becoming the Editor in Chief. Following that position, Andrew became the Head of Staff. Currently, he presides as the Staff & Website manager for the organization, handling day to day operations.

  • BeefKyle Bautista

    Kyle 'Beef' Bautista entered esports as a player in 2007. In 2011 he took a step away from his career path to pursue esports as a commentator and content creator. After working for various organizations, Kyle was recruited by compLexity in 2012 where he worked as a live streaming specialist and voice of coLcast. Kyle quickly became a core member of the management team, working as content manager before assuming the role of general manager in 2014. A man of many hats, Kyle has traveled the world and worked dozens of events in roles as diverse as on-camera talent, production, journalist, photographer, content creator, event organizer, team manager, and business development. Kyle currently lives in Ft.Lauderdale, FL and oversees day-to-day operations at compLexity.

  • PopcornScott Ford

    Scott 'Popcorn' Ford has always been competitive. From a young age he played many sports, an injury in high school changed his passion from playing sports to competing in video games. He has contributed his time in eSports to 4Kings, Cadred, and numerous North American Sites. Now, with compLexity Gaming as their Player Logistics Manager. He is excited for what the future holds and is proud to be part of the awesome family that compLexity is.

  • Ghost OutlawBrian Jackson

    Brian 'Ghost Outlaw' Jackson started his career in gaming in the WarCraft III days, as a competitor with some success. As he began college, he shifted his goals to management, and joined on the Global Gaming League as an Admin for DOTA. Brian moved on to the after Global Gaming League closed its doors. As a manager there, he helped grow the community and the features provided. After a hiatus for film school, Brian came back strong taking on the role role of Business Development Manager. Brian is also a Registered Respiratory Therapist at a major trauma center with degrees in Business Administration, Respiratory Therapy and Communications.

  • FantasySören Vendsahm

    Sören 'Fantasy' Vendsahm has been an avid eSports participant since the early days of ESL. Growing up on games like Counter-Strike, Warcraft III, Brood War, and FIFA he developed a passion for gaming which translated into a love of writing about games. Over the years he has covered Starcraft II, Heroes of Newerth,CS:GO, Dota 2 and more. In 2013 he found a new challenge in the Blizzard card game, Hearthstone. Since then he has developed into one of the world's most successful Hearthstone managers, continually finding and molding talented players into fierce competitors.