• ShakeJack Kaplan

    Jack "Shake" Kaplan has been playing Overwatch competitively since the beginning of Beta. His experience playing the support role at the highest level in Guild Wars 2 gave him an edge early on in beta, and his work ethic and drive to win allowed him to continue to improve and develop into one of the top Overwatch support players in the world.

  • JoemeisterJoe Gramano

    Joemeister has an extensive history playing in free shooters, namely Korea's popular FPS game known as Sudden Attack, and in Soldier Front 2 where he met Tork and Nicolas. Most recently, Joe played CS:GO for just under a year but was approached by Tork and Nicolas during the early beta phases of Overwatch to start forming a team. For the team, Joe's sharp decision-making and strong communication are essential parts of their ongoing success.

  • JkwJoey Wavering

    Joey “Jkw” Wavering first was noticed by his team for his large hero pool and mastery of several different roles. He settled into the tank role for the team, but his flexibility keeps him playing at the highest competitive level. Jkw has a background in other FPS games and was also a co-founder of a US-1st raiding guild in World of Warcraft. He has large aspirations to be on the best team in Overwatch and won’t stop until compLexity is there.

  • NicolasTJONicolas Aubin

    NicolasTJO started playing competitively in Call of Duty 2, competing in local LANs. It was in Call of Duty: Black Ops where NicolasTJO met torkTJO, and the two have been playing together ever since, competing in Shootmania, Battlefield 3, Arctic Combat and CS:GO. After receiving a Beta invite for Overwatch, NicolasTJO decided to pursue a competitive career in Overwatch. His reliability and determination makes him an effective DPS player, but it is his positive attitude that sets him above the rest.

  • torkTJOJake Lepoff

    torkTJO has been playing various competitive FPS games at the highest levels for the past 7 years. Along with NicolasTJO, he competed in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Arctic Combat, Battlefield 3, Shootmania, and CS:GO. A talented DPS, torkTJO's quick decision-making skills and insane fragging abilities solidifies his position as one of the top players in Overwatch.

  • Tifa (Manager)Tiffany Chiu

    Tiffany "Tifa" Chiu has played video games since she could walk, starting on the NES. Her first taste of a MMO PC game came at the ripe young age of 8 with the game Ultima Online. She's been hooked ever since. After playing many different games throughout her lifetime, including TERA where she won the first title of "Skyring Slam Champion," Tifa fell in love with Overwatch and proceeded to meet many of the talented players involved in the scene. Her strong knowledge of the esports industry through her previous job experiences and enthusiam for Overwatch makes her an effective manager and a pillar of support for the Overwatch team.