Stream Team

Stream Team
  • WagaNiklas Högström

    For years now, Waga has devoted himself to Dota 2 and putting on the best stream possible. Sometimes that includes a variety of games, but the main content has been Dota 2. The streamer accepted gigs in the scene as an analyst and caster, but has always returned to bring his community the spectacle of high-level Dota 2 games - and Templar Assassin!

  • AsmodaiChristoffer Stub

    NUMBA 1! Asmodai might not be a traveling competitor, but his accolades are still real. The Norwegian routinely entertains thousands of people and just as routinely goes for the #1 spot on the ladder each month. Chill music, jokes on the side, chat interaction, Snapchat shenanigans and a green hat - all part of the staple Asmo brand!

  • canceLMihai Antonio

    From Romanian internet cafes to your screen - canceL has made a name for himself in the Dota 2 community as a streamer through hard work and dedication to his craft. The high-level player still competes in some random stacks for qualifiers, but since then has shifted his attention to streaming full-time. Loud music and laser-focused gaming, canceL entertains the masses doing what he loves most - Dota 2.

  • HelpingHansJames Whiteside

    HelpingHans is a traveled man, who grew up with a passion for video games. After completing his academic ambitions, he turned to dominate Company of Heroes 2 with all five factions, before turning his attention to other games. Strategy is his forte, outskilling and outplaying his opponents is his greatest joy.

  • sirpumpknGabriel Winston

    While everyone is running around, trying out the new TCGs, sirpumkn stuck to his guns and dug in his heels in the world of Gwent. The streamer dabbled in other games before, most notably as a collegiate League of Legends player - but once he experienced the depth of The Witcher card game, he was all in - and stayed all in.

  • BSJBrian Canavan

    Streamer, caster, analyst, Chess master - there is nothing BSJ can’t do. The popular North American streamer started as a carry player in competitive, but since then has conquered basically everything Dota 2 has to offer. The Engineer grad from Cal Poly went full-time with Dota about 2 years ago and has never looked back.

  • JustineJustine Wu

    With Hearthstone being her first adventure into the world of video games, Justine adapted very quickly to her new environment. As one of the best female players in the world, she went to two North American championship events this past season, adding that to her professional resume. On top of that, she also outdueled all her North American female competitors for a spot at the WESG Grand Finals, netting her a trip to China to compete in her first ever overseas LAN event.

  • dreadsMonte Doebel-Hickok

    Scientist turned Arena streamer. Stats don’t lie. Since the inception of ranked Arena, dreads has been the best Arena player in the world, routinely sitting on top of the leaderboards in the monthly rankings. Tune in for a fun and relaxing time, as long as Mind Control Tech isn’t getting involved in his games. The card slinger and gym enthusiast promises a good time with daily streams, some chat drafts, as well as some Fantasy Football advice!

  • GinaMelania Mylioti

    From an early age Gina was introduced to video games. Her family was playing mostly FPS games, so her love for that particular genre is ingrained in her upbringing. As one of the most known and fierce CS competitors she made a mark on the competitive community, as a driven and hard-working streamer she dazzled the Twitch crowd. Gina is a woman of many talents, whether it’s the competition aspect, streaming, designing or being a brand ambassador, the Greek-Dutch lady does it all.

  • s0mSam Oh

    One of the best talents in North America, and one of the most consistent CSGO streamers. Since the age of 14, s0m is known in the CSGO community for his nutty aim and his raw skills. Back in those days he first became noticed in Rank S, now he is a fixture in that high-skill division, battling it out with the best in the world. When not fully ingrained in the competition of CSGO, he goes out for a fishing trip, spends some time with anime or a quick game of Basketball.