Stream Team

Stream Team
  • WagaNiklas Högström

    For the last five years Niklas "Wagamama" Högström has been fully invested in Dota 2 as a streamer, player, caster and analyst. His stream has always run at full speed during this time, no matter the other activities he is taking part in. It is his firm goal to keep a regular stream with top level ranked games for viewers to enjoy and learn from!

  • AsmodaiChristoffer Stub

    If you are looking for the perfect mix between high-ladder action and a chill atmosphere, Asmodai is the best address for you. The Norwegian player has a few things going on constantly - a good vibe, a positive atmosphere, high level of interaction, Snapchat shenanigans and a cap on his head. A range from entertaining to competitive meta decks, coupled with a great host: That’s the Asmo guarantee for tuning into his show every day.

  • canceLMihai Antonio

    Mihai ‘canceL^^’ Antonio’s story starts in Romanian internet cafes. He spent his early Dota years playing from in the public setting before earning enough money to buy his very own PC. From there he worked hard, streaming and becoming one of the highest ranked players in Europe. He had a short stint with Kaipi in 2015, but is most known for his impressive mid plays and engaging stream. He now sets his sights on the world stage with his addition to coL.Dota, looking to transition that hard work to big success.

  • neviilzNeville Caruana

    Live long enough to become a meme. Neviilz persona is living up to that saying unlike any other streamer in Hearthstone. The passionate and dedicated Hearthstone streamer from Malta fought his way up the ranks on Twitch from humble beginnings to one of the most successful regular streams on the website. A meme persona paired with tremendous skills, especially when piloting OTK decks like his Murloc Paladin or his Worgen Warrior. So visit his stream. Come for the gameplay, stay for the memes.

  • NoxiousKacem Khilaji

    Noxious is one of the more veteran Hearthstone streamers in the scene, giving entertainment to the masses since closed beta. The avid Blizzard fan made his name as a founding member of Managrind, the inventor of the Randuin Wrynn deck and the leader of the AMENO movement, earning him the fan favorite status. Opposed to other streamers, Noxious has always remained more of a “fun first” player, who isn’t necessarily aiming for the highest legend rank or a 12-0 streak in Arena. In his mind, a perfect day at the Inn is with an unconventional deck, catching people off guard, and triggering interesting board situations. All in all, it’s a joy ride for everyone.

  • HelpingHansJames Whiteside

    HelpingHans is a 21 year old English university student studying in Japan. Outside of academic ambitions, he is one of the most skilled 1v1 players in the entire Company of Heroes 2 community - with all five factions. Ever since the original CoH 1, he is streaming and roaming the lands of the map with his tanks and infantry units as one of the most feared players. Now, with the support of compLexity, he is looking to become bigger and better than ever. The goal is to become the greatest commander in CoH 2, sparking fear in opponents eyes and hearts.

  • SickMotionChris From

    Like many gamers of his generation, Sickmotion has been playing video games almost all of his life, long before he was playing them for a living. After casually streaming on and off for a few years, he started streaming League of Legends on twitch full time since early 2014. The focus of his stream has been to balance entertainment with informative commentary with hopes of helping his viewers improve in their own games. Originally a jungle main, he switched to top just before going full time on twitch. He has been playing the game itself since early 2010, just after the opened beta ended. He went to post-secondary for business finance and was working at a bank before pursing the goal of full time streaming. Although primarily a league streamer, he is looking to start branching out to other games on occasion and share the experience with his viewers.

  • RyzenRyan Laguardia

    One of the best attributes to describe Ryan ‘Ryzen’ Libiran Laguardia is determination. Before having his breakthrough with Hearthstone as one of the premier Rogue players on ladder, he spent one and a half year with the goal of becoming a big broadcaster. In that time he put in the hours, worked his hardest and always looked to improve the product. After taking the long road in stride, he finally got partnered. What looked like a journey coming to an end, was only the beginning though. Since then the young American hasn’t skipped a beat, improving a lot and still working as hard as ever. With around 50 24-hour marathons under his belt and strong numbers till this day, one thing is abundantly clear. Ryzen loves streaming. Now a new chapter on the neverending road of broadcasting is starting as he joins compLexity Gaming as a featured streamer and ambitious competitor.

  • AttackerMohammed Almaidoor

    Mohammed "Attacker" Almheiri is a professional Dota 2 player and streamer from Dubai who is a pub star in the European region, Attacker rose to fame due to his skill with Kunkka, who he has played over 2,000 times. Tune into his stream to see his next level plays, before they make the front page of Reddit!

  • ilovekababsIdo Gafni

    A dedication to become a professional streamer - that’s what Ido ‘Ilovekababs’ Gafni is all about. For the better part of three years he has been grinding the ladder of Hearthstone day-in and day-out, experimenting with casual decks, or playing the latest meta creation of it’s time. The Warcraft enthusiast and sports fan joined the Blizzard card game hype with the release of Naxxramas and hasn’t looked back since. Join him on his journey through the world of the Warcraft card game, but bring some time: A Kababs stream rarely ends under 8 hours!

  • sirpumpknGabriel Winston

    As far as versatility in the esports scene goes, SirPumpkn might be leading the pack. As a CCG fan, the youngster tried out nearly every new and emerging game that came out in that realm. From Blizzard’s Hearthstone to Chronicle: Runescape Legends, no game that involved a card game mechanic was save from Gabriel. Ultimately he landed on Gwent and made it his gaming home, most likely to lead Scoia’tael into battle! Even tho he settled for a CCG, the versatility now comes through other games. The former LoL collegiate athlete is committed to Gwent, the occasional Fortnight or Golf It! action will take place on his stream regardless - sometimes even card-slingers need a break!

  • s0mSam Oh

    At the age of just 15, s0m is regarded as one of the best young talents in North America. First starting the game in 2014, s0m quickly became a force to be reckoned with in pugs and Rank S gameplay. He routinely competes against the best players the game has to offer in those divisions, standing his ground and earning their respect. As a balance to the quick pace action of CSGO, he enjoys the occasional fishing trip, some action anime, or a round of basketball.